Massage Throughout History

on Friday, 07 September 2012.

Welcome to Gainesville, Florida — our eclectic small town in North Central Florida. As
a licensed massage therapist, I'm proud to call North Florida home and love our
diverse community, amazing outdoors, and active lifestyles. Of course, active lifestyles
go hand in hand with massage therapy.

For thousands of years, massage therapy has helped adults and children relieve pain,
rehabilitate themselves from injury, increase relaxation, and more.

Massage Therapy History

References to massage therapy date back for thousands of years. From ancient China
to ancient Greece, massage therapy has remained popular in our world's culture for
one reason — it's effective.

Hippocrates himself placed great emphasis on the use of massage to help strengthen
the body and build resistance to disease. By treating the patient (and not just the
disease), Hippocrates helped break society away from magic, superstition, and thus
became the father of medicine.

Even before Hippocrates, massage therapy was well documented in Chinese culture
(dating back to almost 2300BC). Having perfected massage therapy for almost 5000
years, hospitals and medical schools within China still teach and use massage as an
essential part of primary healthcare.

Massage in the United States

Back in the 1800's, as massage became popular in Sweden, massage therapy was
introduced to America's rapidly growing population. Two physicians in New York
integrated massage into their medical practice.

Massage remained popular until the 1930's, when rapid breakthroughs in medical
science (and technology) were on the forethought of most doctors. In the 1970's,
American athletes started to utilize massage to help reduce their pain as well as assist
with recovery times. Thanks to the popularity of athletics, massage quickly found it's
way into American culture. Even nurses were once again speaking of the benefits of
massage therapy to assist with patient recovery while reducing pain.

Massage Therapy in Gainesville

In today's world, you have many choices. As a licensed massage therapist in
Gainesville, I work with many healthcare providers, insurance companies, and
individuals to increase quality of life through the proven practice of massage therapy.
My clinic provides a private, secure environment. For more information on how you
can benefit from massage therapy, please give me a call: Cody Yelton, Licensed
Massage Therapist. Gainesville Florida. (352) 443-4217.


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